Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for better SEO

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SEO is an essential part of your online marketing, yet many people do not use the tools available to make it easier. (why oh why!)

There are many extensions available that can help when it comes to analysis – in fact, they do it for you, making your job easier and potentially getting you better results

So what are the best SEO plugins for Google Chrome?

We’re focusing on the best SEO extensions for Chrome, so let’s get started!



A very popular and widely used SEO tool, SEOQuake is a proven extension for Google Chrome that allows the user to access a great deal of important analytical information in moments.

You can not only check the usual metrics but can also access details of keyword difficulty, create custom analysis sets and check websites against each other.

Free and easy to install and use. SEOQuake is rightfully among the most commonly used analytical tools by SEO experts.

#1. Buzzsumo


This clever SEO tool for Google Chrome is rapidly gaining popularity among experts thanks to being very simple to use, accurate and comprehensive in its ability.

Buzzsumo allows you to access a large amount of information on individual items of content to see how they are performing as well as doing the same with content on other’s sites.

It is therefore a very useful tool indeed for both content providers and SEO analysts, and comes highly recommended by many users.

#2. MozBar Chrome

MozBar Chrome

One of the most popular SEO tools of all, MozBar is an in-depth analysis tool that works very well with Google Chrome.

The sheer amount of information – and its accuracy – provided by the excellent tool makes it a favorite for SEO experts, and it’s a proven tool in helping drive traffic to sites.

Highly recommended and one that is considered a must, MozBar is a free tool that no SEO agency or individual should be without.

#3. Lighthouse


An open-source tool that comes highly recommended by many users, Lighthouse uses its own set of algorithms to effectively ‘test’ a website that is under research or of interest.

The results it gives are comprehensive and very useful, and also accurate.

Best for use on your own apps and sites, the areas in which a site fails the Lighthouse test can easily be seen and, therefore, rectified. A very useful tool, and one that is easy to use for Google Chrome users.

#4. Majestic Backlink Analyser

Majestic Backlink Analyser

one of the earliest tools to measure back links and offer information on Flow Metrics, Majestic remains a free tool that works well with Google Chrome.

Analysis of the backlinks status of a site is essential and Majestic is a widely used example of a back link checker that has been developed across the years.

It comes highly recommended by many users, and is simple to install and use.

#5. Google Page Analytics

Google Page Analytics

we couldn’t have a list of best SEO tools for Google Chrome without including Google Analytics.

This clever integrated tool offers a range of information from Page views to Bounce rate, plus real time usage and more, and is an industry standard when it comes to SEO analysis.

It will certainly help if you need to increase interaction with your users, as that’s what it majors on in terms of analysis. Highly recommended for websites that need fast improvement.

#6. Page Load Time

Page Load Time

one of the often-overlooked aspects of SEO analysis is that of page load time, and this little extension – Page Load Time – helps you get that information very quickly.

The slower a page loads, the more time and traffic you lose, and this extension will give you that information very quickly.

The data gathered from the extension is vital in making sure your websites load in an acceptable time.

#7. Serpstat


this simple plug-in, Serpstat, offers a selection of very useful analytical tools that provide information on keyword research and backlinks, as well as competitor analysis.

You can also use a one-click extension – it’s free – that gives you access to information regards on-page SEO, domain analysis, and page analysis, so you can assess – among other things – your page visibility. Much-used in the industry, this is certainly a tool you will find very useful.

#8. Linkminer


a vital tool if you want to quickly sort out broken back links, which are one of the most common problems with website performance, is Linkminer.

Delivering fast information on the status of a page and also on links on your sites, so you can fix them far more quickly, it can also be used to gather information on the link status of pages you view, so is a very helpful tool when it comes to checking out rivals.

Those are nine of the best SEO tools that you can use with Chrome, and you should certainly be using at least a combination of a few. Have a closer look, and make your SEO more effective with help from some clever, free tools.

Found a Google Chrome extension we haven’t listed above?

Contact me today and ill add it to the list.

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