Directory Template for WordPress

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Get cracking immediately with your one of a kind directory website powered by our trendy directory template. Made using the greatest CSS and Javascript frameworks, this google friendly system will facilitate setup and get you up and running quickly saving you time and money building one yourself.

This layout offers it all you need to setup successful online businesses and is stuffed full of very good functions such as Google maps, world and location searches, listing packages, members area, photo galleries, registration and listing field, memberships and a lot more!

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Quick and Easy to Customize with free plugins

Plugins protect time and money and allow you to add-on new features when ever you want them.

Our responsive platform is light, hassle-free and quick to purchase with fantastic support for third party plugins and widgets helping you to expand your website specifications.

We provide a range of for free, very useful plugins that you can used whenever you want them to increase your website. WordPress offers over 15,000 plugins designed by the WordPress community so between the two you’ll find just about anything you demand.

Furthermore, if you are looking for additional features that we do not currently have, 3rd party creative designers can quickly create them for you with plugins which can be re-used on numerous internet sites.


Made by Users For Users

Developed by like minded people, this directory template is quick to set up, user friendly, instinctive and simple to operate.
Fashioned to be as self sustaining and intelligent as possible, this product makes running a website interesting and pleasurable getting rid of the pain of online business so you can enjoy supporting your people.

Ideal for all user levels, this product accommodates both newcomer users to high-tech developers with easy on/off management features and drag and drop operations.

Styling your website is also clear-cut with free child themes, wordpress plugins to add-on services and industry standard frameworks making it easy for third party designers to help.