5 Secret Tips - Choosing Killer Domain Names for Your WordPress Website

In this article l will be taking you through the process of brainstorming, search for and buying a new domain name for your new PremiumPress website.


What is a domain name?

Put simply, a domain name is the name that people use to locate your website.

A domain name is not a website in itself, it is the name used to help point users to the location of the files/folders you create to build your website.

For example, our website is www.premiumpress.com which has lots of pretty images and text , but only the name premiumpress.com is our domain name.


What do I need to think about before choosing my domain name?

Before you choose your domain name there are a few factors we suggestion you take into consideration;

  • Pick a domain name that’s relevant to your website content. For example, if you plan to sell mobile phones, try and use words related to mobile phones.
  • Pick a domain name that’s easy to remember.
  • Pick a top level domain relevant to your target audience. For example, if you plan to offer your products/services worldwide, use a .com TLD. If you plan to sell locally, use a local TLD  (United Kingdom, use .co.uk). If you are an organization use .org etc
  • Pick a domain name that’s clean without any bad history. If you buy an existing domain name, check to ensure it has not been blacklisted or previously used with spam sites.
  • Most importantly, pick a domain name YOU like. This will help you feel more confident when promoting your website on/offline, such as at networking events, with friends an family and potential business investors.

Finding a domain name that can kick-start your business.

When I am looking for a domain name I will always start by check out GoDaddy Auctions.

Check out this awesome guide below to getting the best out of Godaddy Auctions.

Valuable and worthwhile domain names that can kick-start your business.

Getting back to business…

So let’s go back to our phone website example.

Looking at the phone accessory domains and see what they have to offer.

domain names


So as you can see they can tell you what are the best matches and then you can make a bid and decide which one would be best for you. Some of the domain names are ridiculously expensive so just keep an eye out and make sure you chose the right one for you.

I’ve made a shortlist of possible domain names, after making this shortlist you should take a look at https://archive.org/web/ this is a wayback machine which will show you what your desired domain name used to look like if it was once a website. This is a great tool because you can see and make sure the domain name fits the product you’re selling and also you can make sure your new domain name was not once used as a spam website or contained illegal content.

Also you can have a look at https://www.alexa.com/ what Alexa does is that it shows you how much traffic your new desired domain name once had, also which countries it was popular in and any sites that are linking to it. It’s best to choose a domain name that has a few other sites linking to it.

After a bit of consideration I’ve decided to use mobile-extras as my domain name and at the great price of $4.99.


So I’ve chosen my Domain Name, what next?

In my next blog I will be informing you about hosting our new website with our desired domain name.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and hope you are looking forward to the next addition.

Chris Bear

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