Building Your Brand - Are you ready to go live?

So, you have a concept for your brand. However, you have yet to know the basics of building your brand and launching your brand.

There are a few things you need to accomplish before going live. Let’s go over what you will need before launching your brand new website so you can get everything running smoothly. By the end of this article, you will know the website basics it takes to go live.

Choose a website platform such as WordPress

Before launching your brand, it is essential first to know what platform you will be going live on. There are a plethora of website platforms available.

The platform you choose for your website connects with whether or not your brand will sink or swim. A quick Google search will show you the available platforms for your website. However, we advocate for WordPress due to the platform being easy to use and easy to optimize.

WordPress owns over 60% of the market share for website platforms. WordPress offers users flexibility when building their website and optimizing pages.

WordPress also offers many plugins that make search engine optimization (SEO) way easier than its competitors. Plugins will take a load off your shoulders when it comes to worrying about SEO.

Choose your domain name

godaddy domain names

Your domain name is a crucial step in building your brand to ensure its success. You want to make sure your domain name is on-brand. Make sure you choose a domain name that will be easy for your user to remember when going straight to your site.

Remember, the domain name you choose is going to be the first impression for your user. Proper domain names make positive impressions. Yet, your domain name should not be off-putting so much so that your users do not care to visit your site.

Believe it or not, your domain name affects SEO. Why? Because the keywords you use for your domain name will influence your SEO ranking.

Learn how to find high quality domain names in this article;

Your domain name is going to define your brand, so choose wisely. Your domain name will build your brand recognition in the long run.

Choose a web host

Many do not consider web hosting when thinking about their website launch. Many do not understand how web hosting plays a part in making a website work and run smoothly.

Did you know that your web host will affect SEO, too? Site speed, expansion, flexibility, and design play a part in your SEO. So, choose your web host wisely, much like you will select your domain name.

Also, make sure your web host will accommodate a lot of traffic coming to your website. You want to minimize website downtime and make sure your users can get to your website fast.

Our recommended hosting providers are here;

Build your brand with logo design

A stunning logo is crucial to stand out amongst your competitors when building your brand. You should start by finding inspiration from others inside your market. Gather ideas, and sort out what you like and what you do not like.

Choose colors that reflect your brand identity. Having a style guide or branding guidelines is essential here. You want to make sure the colors for your logo are consistent with the rest of your website design.

Choosing a logo style is as simple as asking yourself, what is our style? Is it minimal and straight and to the point like Apple or Nike’s logos are? Pick a logo that fits your brand’s style best.

When you choose the font for your logo, think back to the style you wanted. If the style is ultra-modern, go with a modern font. Same with a vintage style and beyond. Keeping everything consistent is critical here.

Offline brochures matter, too

Believe it or not, you will need to do some marketing brochures offline. Why? Because you are marketing your brand and marketing your brand often includes being offline, too.

There is a wide net of customers out there in the real world, offline. You can reach thousands of more potential users by getting your name out there.

Having offline brochures establishes credibility. The information your potential users need will be out in the open. The readers will know that you mean business when printed on professional brochure marketing.

Have a ‘coming soon’ page before going live

You want to excite your brand before you are ready to go live. Aside from hype-building, you wish to direct your users to a page before you are one hundred percent prepared to launch your brand.

Your users want to know that you are putting in the time and effort to give them the best user experience. It also serves as the information for your visitors. Your visitors will know what day, and down to the time that you will be launching.

Why not build a countdown clock to excite things up even more? Your potential users will be excited to see your launched brand once it is brought live, finally.

User experience is essential

User experience is just as important as SEO. The two are linked. You want to make sure your navigation and design are both ready to go.

Make sure you know what you want from the design when you go to map out your website. How do you get those conversions, clicks, and sales? Clicks, conversions, and sales are all related to your user’s needs.

The solution is to understand where your customer needs to go first, and then second. Map out your customer’s journey. Silo your content so that your users can go where to go to fit their needs.

Next, once the design us up the way you want it to be, test your site for usability. Figure out if the website is readable, works in browsers, and works on mobile. Understand if your users will know what to do or where to navigate.

Once you have all these usability points all settled, you will be ready to go live.

Next, it is up to you to launch your built brand. Pick a day that suits your users best. Have a game plan for your marketing to launch. This guide should get you to your launch day.

Best of luck!


Mark Fail

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