PayFast Payment Gateway Plugin

This plugin will enable PastFast payments on your PremiumPress powered website.

Version: 1.3 • Updated:

PayFast Payment Gateway Plugin
This free WordPress plugin is designed for PremiumPress Version 10 themes only. It will not work with other themes .
What is PayFast WordPress Plugin?

What is PayFast WordPress Plugin?

This is a free WordPress plugin that will enable you to process payments using Payfast on your PremiumPress website.

You need to signup for PayFast separately and have a valid account to use this plugin.

What is PayFast WordPress Plugin?

How does PayFast WordPress Plugin work?

Once installed, you can add your PayFast merchant details into the admin area of your PremiumPress website.

Then when a user comes to make a payment, they can choose to use Payfast as their payment choice.

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How do you install PayFast WordPress Plugin?

All PremiumPress plugins are installed just like any other WordPress plugin. You do this via the WordPress admin area under Plugins -> Add Plugin tab.

Once activated you will be able to see new setup options within your payment gateway section under PremiumPress -> settings -> payment gateways.