Pagseguro WordPress Plugin

Add Pagseguro payments to your WordPress website with this payment plugin gateway.

PagSeguro WordPress Plugin- Start accepting payments on your PremiumPress website today

PagSeguro WordPress Plugin is an outstanding gateway service for PremiumPress WordPress themes, and online stores to make their payment collection and transaction in a fast and easy way. Users can enable this plugin by attaching with their premiumpress powered WordPress themes. Additionally, with the help of this latest plugin you can make your transaction possible even with bank transfers, credit cards, payment slips, or with PagSeguro accounts balance. always takes pride in facilitating its users with extraordinary services. We have featured plugins to make your payments easy and quick. 

Pagseguro Payment Gateway

Overview for other Card Types 

Among other payment plugins, PagSeguro is a renowned Brazilian payment gateway in an e-commerce market that helps payments collection and checkout process from MasterCard, VISA card, Diners, Hipercard, American Express, Aura, PLENOCard, Link, and PersonalCard. User satisfaction and payment security are 100% guaranteed for customers and vendors.

How can PagSeguro be Favorable for Small Businesses?

Pagesguro isn’t only for large businesses, but it also supports payment and banking systems for merchants and consumers at a small level. With the help of this plugin you are also able to make instant central bank wire transfers, Cross-border remittances, and Bill payments. 

To summarize, whether you have had a small business or enormous e-commerce online stores and want a high –standard in well-managed plugins’ world. Just go towards open-source tools such as WordPress that make possible growth easier to get by letting you modify your internet businesses. Another favorable point of this plugin is that; it’s not challenging to purchase and available at affordable prices. With the help of this outstanding plugin, any entrepreneur can balance low investment with efficient results. PagSeguro provides a solution that enables small businesses to be controllable with a fair gateway process. 

Thinking about all these facts, PagSeguro is accessible for all because of its easy functionality and fair transaction process. 

Pricing and Rates per Transaction 

PagSeguro’s pricing and rates per transaction are suitable for even small businesses. There is no setup fee for PagSeguro. Neither has it charged any price for actual maintenance. 

As long as the case with per year transaction, pagesguro charge 3.99% + R $ 0.40 per transaction.

Functionality and Features

The PagSeguro Payment gateway system supports all the necessary capabilities to accept and manage payments online with straightforward integration. Features supported by PagSeguro are listed below:

  • Fully PCI Level 1-compliant payment integration
  • Lightbox support with seamless user experience
  • Redirect support for a more secure experience
  • Supports the following credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Amex, Hipercard, Aura, Elo, PLENOCard, PersonalCard, Brasilcard, FORTBRASIL, CARDBAN, VALECARD and Cabal
  • Multi-store, multi-currency and multi-accounts support
  • Flexibility in scheming Transaction status when an order is placed. It helps in case additional stock, or payment verifications should be performed. 
  • Flexible and secure PagSeguro Payment Configuration system 
  • Imbued with English and Portuguese language packs

How do I install the payment plugin?

Installation is quick and easy, follow the steps below to get started accepting payments on your website.

Step 1 - Download the free plugin.

Our free WordPress plugins are available to all members. You must first have a valid account with PremiumPress before you can download the plugin. Use the button on the right side of this page to download the plugin.

Step 2 - Install the plugin.

All PremiumPress free plugins are installed just like any other WordPress plugin. You do this via the WordPress admin area under Plugins -> Add Plugin tab.

Step 3 - Confirm plugin has been installed.

You've you've installed and activated the plugin, you should now see the plugin visible in the PremiumPress configuration panel.

Step 4 - Setup plugin.

Now click on the gateway name and enter the details it asks for which are usually obtained from your payment gateway provider and enable the plugin to be using it.

Once you've enabled the plugin via the Configuration page, it will be live on your website for members to use during checkout and payment processes.

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