Amazon Affiliate Wordpress Plugin

Import affiliate products into your PremiumPress website with this Amazon import plugin for WordPress.

Note This has been updated for Version 10 themes and uses the new Amazon 5.0 AWS API.

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What is our Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin?

The Amazon Import plugin is a free WordPress plugin provided by PremiumPress that allows you to connect with the Amazon AWS to import affiliate products into your WordPress website.

It has integrated with a search tool so you can easily search for products and set categories to where you want the products to be imported. It also has Cron so you can update the products with an option to update in 24 or every 12 hours.

Create affiliate amazon stores in minutes!

Amazon Import tool also allows you to import the ratings and reviews of each of the amazon product listing to your Premiumpress powered websites.

The plugin is very easy to manage via wordpress admin dashboard with user friendly interface.


How to use this Amazon WordPress plugin?

This WordPress plugin will enable you to import Amazon affiliate products into your PremiumPress powered website.

Watch the video tutorial below and learn more about importing Amazon products into your WordPress website;

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