WordPress Theme Update 10.4.7

Version 10.4.7 is now available for download.

This is a PremiumPress WordPress theme framework update and includes new features, bug fixes and feature improvements. 😊

New Tax Options

Version 10.4.7+ now includes a new tax and coupon system. Easily setup custom tax options for your PremiumPress website. 🔥🔥

Coupons have always been a popular feature, we’ve updated the coupon system so you can now add multiple coupons and offers.

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New Listing Page Designs

Previously we had a single design layout for the single listing page – after listening to your feedback (thank you! 🙌) we’ve now added new designs and display options.

You can preview and select the design you want for your website from within the WordPress admin area.

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New Membership Options

We are always looking for ways to help improve your revenue. We’ve now added new membership options giving you more flexibility with your membership packages so you can charge more $$$.👌

We’ve also added new display options so you can turn on/off options that are not relevant to your website.

Registration Password Meter

Customer feedback is very important too us, one of the most popular feature requests this month was the addition of a password meter on the registration page.

We’ve added this feature request and made additional tweaks to streamline the registration process to make it quicker for users to signup. 💪

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New Image Cropping

This long awaited feature allows your website images to display with the same fixed ratio giving your website a more professional look.

Rather than displaying images of all different shapes and sizes, this on/off feature shows all images with the same dimensions. 👨

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Question: How do you update to version 10.4.7

All version 10 customers can update their theme via the admin area of your WordPress website under the Dashboard -> updates tab. 👍


Thank you again for your continued support. 🍺🍺

Any questions just us know.

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