WordPress SEO Ideas, Tips & Tricks for improving website traffic.

WordPress SEO simply means optimizing your WordPress website for better search engine exposure. – Usually with the goal of getting more website visitors and generating more revenue.

In this article we will cover lots of useful topics to help drive more traffic to your website and generate more sales.

What is SEO?

SEO is the short form form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now, what is this Search engine optimization is? And how does it work? This is what we are going to discuss in this article. What is SEO?

Whenever you search for anything on Google or Bing, you will get search results based on the keywords you typed in the search bar.

Each time you enter a keyword or phrase in the search bar, the search engine will show up some content such as video, images or listings based on the data, search engine found most relevant to the keyword or phrase entered by the user.

Search engine optimization means your content should be optimized in such a way that it starts receiving free traffic from the natural search results on the search engine. It is making your content findable or get discovered naturally through the search engine's organic search results.

The results are fantastic! You will get quality "passive traffic" free of cost to your site.

In other words, "you will get quality traffic when the right audience lands on your website, clicking through the results they get from the search engine results pages (SERPs), and this quality traffic is unpaid, organic traffic which will come to your site without any cost."

How does SEO work for ranking your website?

Every website strives to get ranked #1 on search results.

To get to that position, you will have to understand how does search engine works.

First of all, precisely determine which search engine are you targeting for?

If you like to appear in the search results of the Google search engine, then Google algorithm is your specific target.

However, if your target is to increase more organic traffic to your video channel, then your primary target should be the YouTube Algorithm.

Now, you must be wondering what this algorithm is.

Google search algorithm

The algorithm is the software used by Google to get the most accurate result relevant to the query typed in the search bar.

Whenever anybody types in the Google search bar to know about anything, Google will search for the relevant term in its "indexed pages" to get the most suitable answer. This is how the Google algorithm works. However, nobody knows how exactly the Google algorithm works to get to the most relevant stuff.

Experts say that there are more than 200 ranking factors which are used by Google algorithm to get the best results for the topic at hand.

How to be discovered by Google search engine?

The first step to getting your website ranked in SERPs is to make your website discoverable.

That means Google should know about your website's existence.

Simply put, Google has its program to discover new content on the web. This program is called "Spider."

Google uses crawlers to follow the links that exist already on Google index.

To keep it simple let's assume that your website is linked to the Google index with a back link, so next time whenever Google crawler will crawl that website which has a backlink to your website, it will also crawl to your site using that link and most probably your website will also get added into Google index.

Another point worth mentioning is that according to research, 63% of searches are received from Mobile only.

Keeping in view that the growing number of mobile visitors in search results, Google has shifted to mobile-first indexing.

So, it's a fact that the Google search engine ranks those websites fast, which are mobile-friendly.

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Get More YouTube Views

They say a picture depicts a thousand words. In comparison, a video can depict up to million words and even more. Video content is also getting increasingly important as part of a marketing strategy. A video is generally more interesting and easily catches attention than text.

With 22 billion visits in a month, the video publishing platform; YouTube, is one of the biggest content sharing platforms in the world today. For video, it is the largest. With the advent of YouTube and some other platforms, video has been positioned as the most favorable content of the present and the future.

However, for your YouTube video to achieve the goals you set for it, it must be accessed by enough people on the internet and create enough engagement with them. Creating and uploading a great video on YouTube is only the starting point. You must almost be able to attract a lot of views. Some people get their needed views via the short cut, by spending money on advertising the video.

However, a more sustainable way of getting your desired views is to stimulate the organic generation of the views through a combination of the various strategies highlighted below:

Interesting Titles Rich in Keywords

Understandably, you are publishing your content to market an idea, product, or brand. However, if your video does not entertain or provide useful information to viewers, you will not get the views needed to achieve your aim. Viewers have a short attention lifespan. Therefore, they want to know if a video is worth watching before they proceed.

more youtube views

To garner more views, you must let viewers know they can find what they are looking for in your video. This is done by crafting interesting titles that resonate with your target audience and also provide a description of the video. Make sure searchable keywords relevant to the video are part of the title so it can be easily found.

Add More YouTube Videos

Understandably, you are publishing your content to market an idea, product, or brand. However, if your video does not entertain or provide useful information to viewers, you will not get the views needed to achieve your aim. Viewers have a short attention lifespan. Therefore, they want to know if a video is worth watching before they proceed.

The more video content you have on your YouTube channel about a particular topic, the more the internet and viewers recognize you as an authority in that field. Viewers are likely to view another video related to the one they just saw if it is recommended as a similar video.

To get more views on your video, post more videos from the same niche and YouTube will always recommend your videos alongside similar videos. Don’t create just one video, create tons of them, and let them all be related.

more youtube views

Position yourself as an authority in a particular field with more content about a particular subject. For instance, if you search for a topic on SEO ranking, you would most often than not find a video by Neil Patel!

YouTube Tags

Tags are words that occur abundantly in your video. Tags are a great opportunity to feed YouTube and Google more information about your video, enabling it to be seen ahead of other competing videos. They make the computer understand what people will look for to be able to see your video.

more youtube views

Tags give context to the video content on YouTube, they make it easier for the video to be discovered by those seeking information relating to the tags.

YouTube Transcripts

Transcripts are text versions of videos. Creating a transcript for your video is an arguably effective method of increasing access to it. While some content marketers have argued that there are no benefits to doing transcripts, others argued that it is an underestimated method of increasing views. They increase the ease of use and interaction with your video and increase the number of platforms your content can be found on.

more youtube views

For instance, internet users searching for keywords in your video transcript are more likely to discover your video at some point.

Transcripts also include captions and subtitles, which make the viewing of videos more enjoyable.

Colorful, Compelling Video Thumbnail

Your video’s thumbnail is the image that represents it as an avatar on the internet. Thumbnails are the first thing internet users see about your video before they even see your title. It is the thumbnail that creates the first impression of your video.

Effective thumbnails are attractive enough to make the user want to know more. They are also striking and compelling.

You need to extract images from the most exciting scene in the video and add a compelling caption for the thumbnail to arrest the attention of the viewer.

more youtube views

It is generally advisable to use the colors Black, Orange, Green, and Yellow, as they make your thumbnails attractive.

Share on Other Platforms

One of the most amazing ways to drive up viewership on YouTube is to share across other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. Links are almost a sure bet in driving traffic to a video. It increases the number of channels to access your video and expands the opportunity to get more views.

This works more effectively for posters with a large following on their social media accounts and those with followers within a niche relevant to the video content. People on those platforms will see the video as another useful content they can click to access.

more youtube views

Also, implore your audience to hit the share button after watching your content, if they find your content valuable, they definitely would share with friends and family, thus increasing your view stats.

Embedding in Your Blog Posts

If you have a website or write for one, you can embed links to your YouTube video in your blog posts that are relevant to the video. This provides more content for your readers. An embedded video has a double-edged benefit. It increases the credibility of your platform and also drives traffic from the blog to the video. Embedded videos have been found to increase engagement by up to 13 percent.

Friends and Family

Your circle of friends and family members present a great opportunity to market your video without spending money. These are people who already know you and are interested in seeing you succeed.

more youtube views

If you create an interesting video on a topic, you can share it with your friends so that they can share on their social media platforms. Their followers within the same community will click the links and engage with your video on YouTube.

Encourage them to also share it with their friends on relevant social media groups. Mobilize them to become advocates of your brand and content.


Influencers are social media users on steroids. They have a huge following on specific social media platforms or across many of them, Influencers are social media thought leaders on specific topics. Their numerous followers find as credible sources on those issues and are often willing to consume content shared or recommended by them.

These days, influences are often paid to recommend content on social media platforms. However, you can get around this if you have a relationship with an influencer in the niche relevant to your video. Sometimes, this involves a mutually beneficial arrangement whereby you do the influencer a favor in return.

Use of Keywords in Captions

The use of relevant keywords is one of the most effective ways of increasing the chances of your video being found. This is because keywords improve the ranking of your video on google when people go to search for related topics.

more youtube views

When you add keywords to the captions and transcripts of your video, you automatically increase its exposure when such keywords are searched. Add keywords that are relevant to the video and can also have hyperlinks embedded in them. Before adding keywords, you can do a keyword search to know the trending words related to your video.

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WordPress vs. Squarespace – Which is better?

Squarespace is more than just a website builder, and it is an ideal platform for creating stylish websites to showcase your work without any need for technical knowledge.

Squarespace comes with an All-in-one solution that simplifies the process of website creation and designing using pre-made templates. Now, you can host your domain and registers your unique domain name using a single platform - Squarespace. So far, it is the favorite one for most of the photographers, artists, and anyone who is in the field of design.

So what about WordPress?

On the other hand, WordPress is the most popular and secure platform that runs more than 32% of all websites that means WordPress powers more than one-third websites of the world – quite a huge number to consider.

The reason behind its massive success is its user-friendly features and robust functionalities; also, WordPress keeps updating its core functionalities. That's why it has emerged as the most powerful and successful CMS in the online world.

WordPress vs. Squarespace – which is more SEO friendly

Squarespace SEO friendly specs

  • Squarespace comes with fully responsive templates, all inclusive-website building tools, and drag-and-drop functionality to help you in creating a professional website with personal branding without any need for technical knowledge.
  • Fully functional web hosting included in the package.
  • SSL certificate
  • Auto-generated Sitemap
  • The customizable page title and Meta description
  • Implementing a CDN
  • Squarespace will keep a check on creating a robost.txt file and editing the .htacess file, and you need not worry about handling these features.
  • No use of plugins to maintain native features – all of the built-in features are maintained by Squarespace itself.

Squarespace real SEO Problems

  • If you like to use Squarespace, you are forced to get their hosting services.
  • Another disadvantage is you cannot change the blog page title, which has a significant impact on page ranking.
  • Some templates are more problematic, image-centric, and you cannot handle H1, H2 headings in the text editor because it automatically puts your title as H1. If you have minimal body text, then it may hurt the on-page SEO.
  • Some templates of Squarespace there is no way to add H1 heading, and in some pages, the page title will show up as H1 heading, which a big drawback.
  • Schema markup( these are the codes which let the search engine know about your site's content) is poorly covered
  • They have a "scary migration policy," where the users can either download/export limited images and content or not at all.

WordPress SEO friendly specs

  • WordPress is open-source, which means anybody can download and install it; that's why Google prefers it on paid resources.
  • WordPress's most themes are free and less expensive.
  • The WordPress themes are flexible and have many in-built SEO factors.
  • WordPress has many free plugins that can take great care of SEO
  • WordPress is a robust and super-friendly CMS, and there are plenty of free tutorials where you can learn it.
  • You will have full control over the header and footer section.
  • Full control over H1, H2, and heading, and text body.

WordPress SEO problems

  • WordPress is not that easy, and you have to learn it before using it. Also, it is an open-source where anybody can create plugins for WordPress, which, if it happens to be poorly coded, can cause severe damage to your site.
  • The WordPress plugins need constant updates by their developers, and if they failed to update their plugin regularly, it could lead to vulnerabilities. While in Squarespace, everything is controlled and maintained by their team, and they handle all updates, so the users need not worry about maintaining or updating the plugins.
  • No drag’n drop option with WordPress, you will have to install a page builder with drag’n drop facility.

So which is better?

WordPress is more dominant and flexible than Squarespace, and Google prefers it being open-source. However, if you do not update or maintain your plugins and themes regularly, it can create serious trouble affecting your site speed, SEO, functionality, and crawling issues.

However, you will have a lot more customization options, and SEO related complete control on your site with WordPress.

Squarespace is the right choice for small business owners, you can quickly set up your website, and most of the SEO factors are controlled and monitored by the team, and you do not require maintaining it.

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Top 5 WordPress SEO Plugins

There are only a handful of SEO plugins these days that's that really compete and are worth looking at. The others are usually far less superior and generally a waste of your time. Here is a list of the Top 5 SEO plugins for 2020.

1. Yoast SEO

With over 1 million downloads and a very high rating from its users, Yoast SEO is one of the best obtainable plugins to date. Offering a wide range of features, these features ensure the greatest success for your PremiumPress website when it comes to SEO.


2. Semper Fi – All in one SEO plugin

Helping you achieve a rewarding web occupancy we bring you Semper Fi- All in One. This SEO plugin presenting its simple and easy to use options, makes it perfect to get the most out of your PremiumPress website.

Semper Fi

3. SEO Wizard.


Knowing your competition is always an important part of owning a business, SEO Wizard will help you analyse and make a report about similar companies to yours.

4. Squirrly SEO

If you don’t know anything about SEO then Squirrly SEO is there for you. As one of the easiest SEO to use, applying a live chat option while setting up, with Squirrly SEO you really won’t miss a thing.

Used by companies like BBC and Microsoft this is a very renowned SEO plugin. Working with Squirrly’s marketers and analysists they offer to bring your content made for you and only you.


5. SmartCrawl by wpmudev.

SmartCrawl is a very user friendly plugin simple and easy to use this plugin brings you four great main features, these are Automatic links, MOZ integration, Sitemaps and Title&Meta. With over 120,000 downloads this premium Plugin really does save you time and a lot of trouble with its straight forward layout.


My Verdict.

For me, it has to be Yoast SEO, with all the options and also being so simple to use, this really is the number one for me. Each plugin mentioned here obviously has their own advantages but for the list of features and ease of use. Yoast is my number one! Here’s a toast for Yoast!
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