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26th February • Business Tips & Tricks • 77 readers

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for better SEO

Super charge your Google Chrome browser today! SEO is an essential part of your online marketing, yet many people do not use the tools available to make it easier. (why oh why!...

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27th November 2019 • Business Tips & Tricks • 10,523 readers

5 Awesome Tips – Finding Your Niche

5 Awesome tips to help you find a business niche. The success and popularity of eBay, an online e-commerce and auction website that runs on many countries and accommodates buyers ...

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24th November 2019 • Business Tips & Tricks • 10,897 readers

Building Your Brand – Maximize Your Social Media Impact

Brands today should know that being on social media is not a choice; it's a necessity if you want to build your brand. The question is, How do you create and maximize a thriv...

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17th November 2019 • Business Tips & Tricks • 11,555 readers

Building Your Brand – Are you ready to go live?

So, you have a concept for your brand. However, you have yet to know the basics of building your brand and launching your brand. There are a few things you need to accomplish be...

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7th September 2016 • Business Tips & Tricks • 4,374 readers

Top 5 WordPress Hosting Providers in 2020

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is tightening the belt and trying to save some money. In this blog post I’m going to try and help you save a bit of money with ...

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31st August 2016 • Business Tips & Tricks • 3,559 readers

5 Secret Tips – Choosing Killer Domain Names for Your WordPress Website

In this article l will be taking you through the process of brainstorming, search for and buying a new domain name for your new PremiumPress website.   What is a domain ...

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27th August 2016 • Business Tips & Tricks • 3,872 readers

Top 5 SEO Plugins To Get Your PremiumPress Website Noticed.

If you’re a webmaster or just starting out as a novice with your PremiumPress purchase, you will always want to get your website noticed by as many people as possible. The ama...

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4th March 2015 • Business Tips & Tricks • 4,027 readers

10 Tips – Website Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners

Think of a map where all roads lead to one central destination. If your website is the hub of your business and the place you make your sales, this is how you need to look at yo...

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18th February 2015 • Business Tips & Tricks • 2,934 readers

What is Responsive Website Design?

Let’s start off with a question. What do you call something that can grow and shrink perfectly as you would want it to? Stumped? Responsive websites do exactly that, shrinki...

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29th August 2014 • Business Tips & Tricks • 8,311 readers

SEO plugins you might know know about in 2020

WordPress is already a very SEO-friendly platform, however there are many ways you can further enhance your website’s SEO, thanks to the many plugins available. Below we have sha...

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11th August 2014 • Business Tips & Tricks • 13,562 readers

10 reasons why your WordPress hosting provider sucks!

You’re losing clients and sales every time your WordPress hosting goes offline, slows down or becomes inaccessible. Do something about it now, before it’s too late! Just li...

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6th August 2014 • Business Tips & Tricks • 15,162 readers

Valuable and worthwhile domain names that can kick-start your business.

Snapping up established domain names with existing traffic and search engine exposure can save you time and money getting your business off the ground! Did you pick the right doma...

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