Top 5 Live Chat Plugins To Help Boost Your sales.

Boost your online sales with live chat

As a business owner, you’ll know the importance of providing prompt customer support.

It doesn’t matter if you’re business is online or offline, being readily available whenever potential clients come calling can make a huge difference.

Traditionally we would provide a telephone number and urge our clients to call us whenever they have questions.

But how do you deal with clients worldwide?

In different countries, speaking in different languages?

The answer: Live chat support.

Why would having a live chat help you?

Having a live chat for your WordPress website can help your company in many positive ways, here are a few of my reasons:

  • People are buying the product that you offer, spending their hard earned money on you. So it’s only fair that you’re there for them when you’re needed.
  • It shows that you trust in your own product and that you are there willing to answer any questions or queries about the product shows you back what you’re selling 110%.
  • It will help your ratings and reviews. If customers have quick and helpful responses then they will be sure to review and recommend your product.

So here are 5 great live chat plugins to help your website:

Provide Support

provide support

Since 2003 Provide Support has been helping websites with their customer service. Here at PremiumPress we also have put our trust in Provide Support as our live chat plugin.
Provide Support breaks past the barriers of just an online chat room, it can tell you how many customers are visiting your site and where they are from. You can have as many chats as you want all at the same time. You can assign operators to their own specific chats and also have operator to operator online chats.
This premium live chat plugin will also provide your website with the provide support button to let your customers know that you are there and available to answer any questions.

WP Live Chat Support.


This cost free live chat download is perfect for any small business looking for a live chat plugin. With over 20,000 installs and a 4.5 out of 5 rating this plugin is a great addition to any website.
On the website it lists all the available feautures and if that’s not enough there is a one off payment to upgrade to the pro package. Obviously the pro package has more to offer but for a small business the free download of the WordPress live chat support is perfect.
Really simple and easy to download also looks great for a free plugin and also any problems dowloading and they have their own support team ready at hand to help you with any issues.


WiseChat for the people who like to chat wise. I’ve recommended this plugin because it’s great for people on the go, mobile friendly WiseChat can be accessed from pretty much anywhere.
With its cool stylish themes available its really good for getting your small business building a social network, it works straight after downloading, so really quick and simple for you to start chatting right away.
For a one off fee of $29 you can upgrade to the pro pack which has all the chat features you need to chat to your visitors.



Access to everything for one simple plugin, Oggflow allows you to view live chat, Facebook feeds, emails, tickets and many more all for this one simple and easy to use plugin.

Oggflow offers packages from small businesses to very large businesses, starting from $0 a month you can access the free package which is perfect for any small business. The basic package which offers you a little more is only $15 a month with is also very reasonable.

Tidio Chat


This easy accessible plugin takes no time at all to download and use, users don’t need any logins or to sign up, just download and start chatting, the free package from Tidio is very basic allowing you only 3 chat windows but if you upgrade to the $12 a month option this great chat plugin opens so many new doors.

Also being able to match the colours of the chat to that of your website makes for a really cool and fresh chat box. It’s also very useful because it offers you a dedicated app download for nearly all mobile and desktop devices. The customer service at Tidio is also fantastic, any problems they were there to answer straight away.

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