Top 5 Contact Form Plugins to Enhance your PremiumPress WordPress theme

Enabling users to get in touch with you is a basic requirement of any business website.

A contact form is a popular way to achieve this and as standard, all PremiumPress themes come with a basic contact form to help get you started.

There may be times however, when you need a more advanced and customizable contact form to truly capture all of the information you need from your users and so a contact form plugin would be your best option.

Here we have compiled a list of the most popular contact form plugins (both free and paid) as used by our customers which will help you enhance and make the most out of your PremiumPress Business theme. In no particular order;

Contact Form 7


With over 1 million active downloads Contact Form 7 is probably the most used plugin by WordPress users. It allows you to make your own Contact Form with your own required elements, using drop-downs and also using short codes.

Contact Form 7 should be the go to plugin if you are wanting to make a contact form for your PremiumPress Business website. It’s also very useful because you’re able to add a CAPTCHA into your contact form all you need is the CAPTCHA plugin installed.

Ninja Kick

Ninja Kick

The Ninja Kick contact form plugin will bring a complete new edge to your PremiumPress Business website. Priced at $19 this unique plugin will help users view your contact form from anywhere on your website.

If the visitor of your website clicks on any link or image on your website it will show them your contact form while the user still remains on your page. This is also a very responsive plugin and can be accessed on mobiles and tablets.

Form Generator – WP Form Builder


As one of the easiest contact form plugins to use, Form Generator is up there with the best! You can customize your contact form with ease and also precision, any colour, theme or layout are all there for you. At $29 this plugin is well worth the money.
This plugin can also carry out the task of Autoresponders, which is always very helpful when you are unavailable.

Gravity Forms


As a costly but highly effective plugin Gravity can really improve your PremiumPress purchase. Using a drop and drag method this is also a very simple plugin to use.
Being able to incorporate with other web applications such as PayPal, AWeber and Gravity forms are a little on the pricy side but if you want to get the most out of your contact form then this is the plugin for you. Starting at $39 per year for the basics and going up to a whopping $199 for the full package per year.

Contact Bank – Contact Forms Builder

COntact Bank

The Contact Bank is a plugin where you can only access certain features until you purchase the license for the Premium Contact Bank. This plugin is also very quick and easy to use, using a backend user interface you can create the contact form in just a matter of clicks.

Chris’s Verdict.

In my opinion, if you are willing to spend some money I would always choose Gravity forms, it’s simple and easy to use and there seems endless possibilities with how far you can actually take your contact form. If you want to keep the costs down but also achieve very high standards then Contact Form 7 is the perfect replacement.

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