What is Responsive Website Design?

Let’s start off with a question. What do you call something that can grow and shrink perfectly as you would want it to?


Responsive websites do exactly that, shrinking them to fit the display of a 4 inches smart phone or making themselves big enough to be displayed perfectly on your living room television. The content is rearranged to fit the screen size, no matter how small or big it is.

A wonder of the modern world, responsive websites have helped website owners reach out to audiences across an array of devices. You do not have to worry about what device your audience is accessing your website from, they’re going to view the content in an optimized manner no matter what. And yet, it’s not just the accessibility factor that we’re talking about.

Remember how you used to try out different Coffee brands to know which one’s the best for you? If you’ve tried out different websites, you’re sure to love responsive website designs the most. Responsive designs can help you in a number of ways. Here is a look at few of them.

1. Increase sales and conversion

Consider this. 20% of Google searches happen on mobile devices while 25.85% of all emails are opened on mobile phones. More importantly, the fact that responsive website design is the better option for you was recommended by Google itself in a post by Google’s Pierre Farr in June 2012. With improved user experience, consolidated rankings and analytics and increased savings that you would have otherwise spent on mobile development, responsive web designs sure seem the better option.

2. Help in SEO

You have one website with one URL. There is increased user experience and lowered bounce rate – a combination of factors that helps SEO. Add to that the fact that Google’s crawlers can crawl responsive webpages easily and you know what type of website design you need to choose.

3. They’re super flexible

You do not need to spend thousands of dollars to build customized websites or websites that cater to different screen sizes. While it’s true that you may want to develop a mobile-friendly version of your site, especially if your site is laden with information and media that cannot be accessed on mobiles, responsive website designs are your best bet for everything else. Even if you’re in need of a mobile version, it just doesn’t make sense to not invest in a responsive website design.

4. It’s easy to manage

What would you rather prefer – a walk in the park opposite your home or one that’s 10 miles away? You would choose the former, and here is why – it’s a lot easier. Responsive sites are easier to manage. You would be probably using WordPress as most web users do, and you can easily add, edit, delete media and/or content with a few clicks. No hard tech is involved.

5. You get everything (except what you don’t need)

With responsive web designs, the only thing that you may not get while accessing the website from say a tablet, are ads, and we guess you wouldn’t want them anyway. In other words, responsive websites list out everything there is, the same way your teacher used to do to state everything you did to your parents during a parent-teacher meeting.

If you’re thinking to create a new website or just revamp your existing one, don’t forget to look at responsive website designs. They don’t cost much and can be the way forward for your business.

I hope this helps

Mark Fail

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