Responsive Update Version 8.0

Today we have released version 8.0 of the PremiumPress responsive framework.

Version 8.0 is a maintenance release which includes a number of minor bug fixes and code optimizations for compatibility with WordPress 4.0.1+

All our responsive themes have been updated and the latest downloads can now be found in the members area.

What happened to version 7?

We have moved the version numbering from 6.6.7/6.6.8 straight to version 8 to prevent any confusion with the older non-responsive themes.

Auto Updater Tool

The auto updater tool will be enabled shortly for all those running 6.6.7+, if your running a theme lower and would like to update you will need todo this manually. Changes in 6.6.7 may affect your design or child themes so you should test these first.


Change Log for Version 8.0


fixed WP gallery ordering issue
fixed renewal price on listing with valid membership
fixed expiry date for newly purchased listings

SP – minor fix for country/tax options

MJ – added new add-ons section
MJ – added house percentage

minor CSS adjustments



If you encounter any problems please submit a ticket and ill assist.

Kind Regards


Mark Fail