Responsive Framework Update 6.6.3

August 12, 2014 / Framework Updates 6,905 readers.

There has been a lot of updates this week and i apologies for that in advance.

As many of you know, all of the products that i develop at PremiumPress i use myself on my own websites which puts me in a better position to spot errors and locate potential issues.

This update will improve your website SEO.

After spending hours reviewing my SEO reports i have made some minor but signification changes to the core responsive framework that will improve your SEO. Let me share with you what they are;

WordPress /feed/ 404 errors!

WordPress by default will add feed links to the headers of every listing, category and blog post on your website. These feed links are causing massive amounts of 404 (page not found) errors which are negatively impacting your website search engine rankings. In this update i have removed them.


Duplicate Page Titles

There are a few instances where the website title is being repeated due to Google indexing links within page navigation bars . This has been fixed thus resolving the duplicate title issues which could be negatively impacting your search engine ranking.


Malformed and Erroneous URL’s

The order by options on the search results page was creating overly large link lengths that were being picked up by search engines. Not only was this causing duplicate page titles but this was creating massive amounts of internal links which were providing not benefit to your search engine rankings. This has also been fixed.


New live reporting

Lastly i couldn’t help but sneak in a few admin area options. There is currently the email report which provides the data via email however iv recieved many requests to be able to display this live in the admin area thus iv created a new tab in the report section.

I hope this helps some of you who with improving your search engine rankings.

6.6.3 Changelog

added nofollow to multiple inbound links which were clogging up SEO reports
added live reports to reporting section
removed default WP /feed/ links for listing and category pages resulting in large amounts of 404 errors.
fixed css issue with search box style 3

Kind Regards

Mark Fail

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