Responsive Framework Update 6.5.3

Responsive Theme Version 6.5.3 is now available.

After 3 weeks of constant tweaking, updates and improvements, i’m happy to announce that version 6.5.3 is now ready for release.

The new framework update includes a number of new features and squashes bugs and styling issues found in previous versions.

New GEO Options

One of the great new features found in this release is the addition of ‘my location’ tool. If you combine this feature with the new [DISTANCE] shortcode website visitors can set their location on the map and listings will display how far away they are from that location.


New contact form and updated members template

I have updated the members template to fit in with the new bootstrap 3 framework changes and adjust the styling to suit.


New comments widget

I have added a new user comments widget into this release allowing you to display the latest user comments within your widget sidebars.


New home object and object placements

I have added a new Google map home page object and added an additional object placement settings so you can display objects full spread below the header.


New advanced search field groups

I have added a new grouping option for your advanced search fields allowing you to add more fields and keep them tidy.


Integrated social media options

I have added a number of social media network options to the my account page for users to complete within their account area.


Updated [LOCATION] shortcode with popover

I have updated the [LOCATION] shortcode to include an information pop-up bubble that gives the user more information.


The change log or this version is as follows;

fixed bug with contact form values not sending
fixed bug with advanced search zipcode searches
fixed bug with adding media into custom objects
fixed [RELATED] shortcode issue
fixed bug with zipcode searches

added font awesome within the core framework

added new contact form template
added new GEO location options for users to set their current location
added ICON shortcode: [ICON id='phone' fa=1]
added DISTANCE shortcode: [DISTANCE unit='' icon='' text_after='']
added new GOOGLE MAPS object
added new 'below header' object placement
added option to disable parent category selection for adding listings
added option for unclocking user submitted custom field links
added comments widget

price comparison theme - update compare by title

updated tpl-members template
updated lanuage file with new values
updated tpl-myaccount teplate
updated shortcodes

optimized core search code

How do i update my theme?

As usual if your running version 6.5x you can update automatically from the admin area of WordPress under the dashboard -> updates tab.

If your running an older version you can manually install the new version by downloading it from the members area.

Any questions please contact us

Kind Regards

Mark Fail

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