PremiumPress 8.9.7 Released + PHP 7.x Support

May 19, 2017 / Framework Updates 4,901 readers.

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Version 8.9.7 Released – maintenance release

We have released a new update (8.9.7) which resolves a few small coding conflicts when installing PremiumPress themes on hosting accounts running PHP 7.x+

PHP 7 was released earlier this month (May 9th 2017) and there are a few hosting companies who are now offering hosting accounts with PHP 7 installed.

Although the final build of PHP 7 was not expected until Nov 2017, some users are eager to get started with PHP 7 and therefore we’ve released this framework update now.

php7 support

Already running 8.9.6?

If your already running 8.9.6 without any issues then chances are you’re not running a PHP 7 server and therefore you have nothing to worry about.

The only changes to the core framework in the new version are functions that conflicted with PHP 7 therefore if you’re running 8.9.6 without issue then you do not need to upgrade.

PHP 7 – PremiumPress 9.0+

Over the past few months we’ve been extremely busy working behind the scenes on a big framework update that we planned to release with the final release of PHP 7 in November, 2017.

PHP 7 has been release earlier than expected however we still plan to release version 9.0 in November 2017 which will include new framework features, designs and functionality.

Version 8.9.7 Change Log

The files changed in this release are as follows;


Any issues please contact us


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