PremiumPress 6.4 Beta Release

Version 6.4 Beta is now available for testing!

The PremiumPress responsive framework has undergone many changes since version 6.3 was released last month therefore we have released version 6.4 Beta early for user testing.

6.4 includes over 50 core file changes and a major CSS framework update therefore its crucial that customers running a custom child theme, test and update styling and CSS tags ready for the stable release next month.

Note. PremiumPress provided child themes will be updated for the stable release. Once the stable version has been released you’ll simply need to re-download the child theme from our website.

Things to look out for in 6.4 include;

  1. CSS Framework Change (Bootstrap 2.3 now changed to 3.1.1)
    The responsive themes are build on top of the popular twitter bootstrap CSS framework. Last month Bootstrap Version 2 was officially discontinued and therefore we have updated all our products to the latest version. (Bootstrap Version 3.1.1).Customers with custom child themes (non-PremiumPress) will need to update their child themes to work with the changes in the Bootstrap CSS framework.Guide for updating can be found here:
  2. Home Page Objects
    The homepage objects system has undergone a major revamp making it easier to setup and create customize homepage layouts. In previous version the home page setup was a little buggy and setup was awkward therefore this has been redeveloped from scratch.Customers with home page objects  may need to re-assign them after updated to 6.4 so please be aware you may need to re-do them.
  3. WordPress Tag SupportWordPress tags have now been re-enabled for the listing post type allowing the admin to assign tags to listings. The advanced search tool has also been updated to include support for custom tag searches.
  4. New Page Layouts
    There are now a number of new layout options for all theme setups including full width logo area, header search boxes, menu bar search boxes and footer column adjustments.These can all be found in the admin under the page setup tab.
  5. Text & Language Editing
    6.4 includes a new a text editor allowing you to modify listing titles and language file text directly on your website. The editor can be turned on/off any time from the admin -> general setup -> language tab.
  6. Mobile Menu Changes
    All themes now have a modified mobile menu and new sub navigation menu.The new sub navigation menu will mimic the default menu options however displays better in smaller screen sizes making user navigation a lot easier.The mobile menu at the top (default black one) will display only if you choose for it to by assigning a menu to its location as normal in WordPress under the appearances -> menu tab.
  7. Admin add/edit screen
    6.4 now brings back some of the default WordPress interface elements for adding/editing listings from the admin area.

Remeber, this is a beta version. Please remember this version is still in development so there are additional changes that will be added to the stable release. We do not recommend you install it onto a live website as it will break your design and/or layout for themes running 6.3 and below.


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