iCodes WordPress Plugin - Version 10 Update

Importing coupon codes into your WordPress website just got easier!

If you are not familiar with icodes they offer coupon and deal feeds that enable to to quickly setup affiliate coupon websites.

Free iCodes Plugin Download

The plugin is completely free to download for our members. Note you will need an account (free or paid) to use this plugin.

iCodes Plugin Screenshots

iCodes WordPress Plugin

Visit Plugin Page

Free iCodes Version Limitations

It’s worth noting that there are limitations to the icodes free version which includes the inability to setup paging and so icodes are bulk imported. There is no network import feature and no cron job option.

Video Tutorial

Here is the old video tutorial however the concept is still the same and it’ll give you a good idea of how iCodes work.

Coupon Code Feed

In this video you'll learn how to import coupon codes in your WordPress website.

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