Coupon Theme 9.0 Released

April 27, 2018 / Framework Updates 1,931 readers.

The new version of our Coupon theme for WordPress has been released and is now available for download in the members area.

All VIP club members and Coupon Theme customers will find the download available in their members area by Monday morning. (30th April 2018)

new coupon theme

What’s the difference between version 8 and version 9?

Version 9.0 is a complete rewrite – we’ve taken all of the popular features from our old framework, listened to feedback from our clients and rebuilt everything from the ground up.

Version 8 is very popular and built around an old CSS framework (Bootstrap 3.x) – one of the major changes we’ve adopted with Version 9 is to deploy the latest CSS framework (Bootstrap 4.x) which takes advantage of all the recent developments in mobile and web technology, offering our clients more flexibility and scalability moving forward.

Mobile-first Design

Mobile-first design has come along way in the past 12/24 months and will continue to grow in popularity. Rather than simply add-on the new CSS framework to the existing framework, causing all sorts of issues for our clients, we felt it was the right decision to reduce, optimize and remove all of the outdated code.

With an updated CSS framework comes new design possibilities, new child themes and updated aesthetic. Our focus with Version 9 is to be mobile-first, our products will be more accessible over multiple platforms and multiple devices.

Improved Plugin Support

Plug-ins will play a bigger role in Version 9.0. In Version 8 we packed the framework with large amounts of features that were not required by all users. This became confusing and distracting for many clients therefore we’ve adopted on a different approach.

To keep the framework lightweight, small and compact all non-core dependant features will made available as plug-ins, giving our clients more choice on what and when they use features.

Better WordPress Integration

Finally, WordPress integration. We’ve made many changes to our coding to integrate better with WordPress. The language system is now fully support by WordPress, our menus and navigation system is now customizable and the child theme system has been updated and improved.

WordPress has many new and exciting changes in it’s horizon, with the release of WordPress 5.0 due for November 2017 – we aim to have all our themes are updated and running the new Version in-time for this major update.

Kind Regards

Mark Fail

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