5 Awesome Tips - Finding Your Niche

5 Awesome tips to help you find a business niche.

The success and popularity of eBay, an online e-commerce and auction website that runs on many countries and accommodates buyers and sellers worldwide, has become an inspiration for many entrepreneurs to run their own auction websites. Because, why not? Not only is it relatively easy to set up and start, managing an auction website also brings tons of benefits to both the owners and users of the site.

It requires little to zero cost of investment, but the returns are decent. More importantly, running an auction website provides an excellent platform for sellers to showcase their personal items that they want to dispose while attracting interested buyers or “auctioners” who want to bid for these products at prices they are willing to pay for. It’s actually a win-win-win situation for all parties involved.

Choosing a Niche for Your Website

Now that you’re convinced that an auction website provides a good business model for extra passive income and a platform for a growing market worldwide, the first step you need to do is identify an ideal niche or industry that you would target. While you can always choose to blindly target a niche you think is popular, it pays more to do proper market research. This way, you can be sure that your business will do well and your efforts will not be wasted.

Whether or not you already have a target niche in mind, here are helpful steps and strategies you can follow to identify the perfect niche for your auction website.

1. Choose a niche related to your passion.

If you are serious about starting your own online auction business, you would want to manage it for a long, long time. Therefore, it’s important that you choose a niche that is close to your heart or related to your passion. This way, you will always be thrilled or excited to handle your online business and you will know how to best market it.

It is easier to manage an auction site that is based on your interest, especially since you will have to deal with it day after day. When choosing a niche that you enjoy, consider your skills, expertise, hobbies, and general interests. List down several topics that you know will motivate you to run this business for a long time, and then do some research on the popularity and profitability of each niche.

For example, if you are passionate about photography, you can create an auction website that is focused around cameras, flashes, camera parts and accessories, tripods, drones, and other related products. Or if your interest is around sports, your website can feature products like balls, rackets, gears, jerseys, shoes and sneakers, sports accessories, and even collectibles.

2. Choose a niche with a decent following.

Your auction website will only be successful if you can, at the beginning, acquire enough sellers to sell their items on your site and a lot of buyers to bid on them. This is not possible if your chosen niche is very specific that it has very little or no following at all.

From your initial list, find out how big or small the market of each niche is. Choosing a unique niche but with a small following can be difficult to promote and invite users in. One with a very large target audience, on the other hand, can be very saturated and hard to compete in. Therefore, you need to a little bit of research and snoop around possible competition to find the right balance.

3. Consider how profitable your preferred niche is.

One of the important factors to keep in mind when choosing a niche for your auction website is the profitability. You wouldn’t want to create a business around something that will only give you change, would you? This can be a total waste of time and effort.

To make sure that your auction website will make good money, you need to choose a niche where products can be sold using high profit margins. Either you create a marketplace for high-ticket items or you choose a niche with a huge volume of products being sold in a fast rate.

It should be easy to know these information simply by researching the competition. Visit existing auction websites or e-commerce platforms and observe their high-ticket and fast-moving items. This can give you an idea about the specific niche these products are in that will help you determine if this is something you can work on and manage.

4. Look for unsaturated markets.

Having huge competition can be discouraging. If your chosen niche is very popular and there are already several existing auction websites, online shops, as well as e-commerce platforms focused on the same niche, it will be challenging to acquire both sellers and buyers to the new website that you are planning to run.

Market research is therefore really important before setting up your auction website. You need to look for a niche that isn’t too saturated yet, but has a potential to bring in customers and sales. Choosing an untapped market can bring a lot of opportunities for you as an auction website owner. For one, you can easily rank high on search engines. Another benefit is being able to attract a huge target audience to use your website, since there may be very little options for them.

Presently, there are still many niches that don’t have auction websites yet. If you take time to explore these niches and do your research, you can be sure of succeeding in this business.

5. Consider up and coming trends.

If you feel like all markets you’ve chosen are already saturated or have very high competition, you may want to look at trends that are most likely to flourish in the near future. They may not be creating a buzz yet today, but you know there’s a potential if people are starting to talk about them.

For instance, some of the trends that are starting to thrive as people become more health and lifestyle conscious involve health products and tools, alternative medicine, and travel. You may want to take advantage of this to help you secure your future in the online auction industry.

Building Your Auction Website

Choosing the right niche for your auction website is the first and most important step in starting your online auction business. Now that you have a clear idea on how to pick the right niche that will work for you, you can now begin building your website.

To start off, register a domain name and buy a hosting package that matches your website requirements. Once these important elements have been secured, install WordPress on your website. WordPress is a website builder that is easy to use and equipped with a lot of features that make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced website owners. It is popularly used for business websites, personal blogs, and e-commerce sites.

To transform your WordPress site into an online auction website, dress it up with the Auction Theme for Website. It comes with awesome features including buy-now options, built-in bidding system, user feedback, shipping, and more. To learn more the Auction theme or if you want to download it for your WordPress website, visit


When done right, an auction website can provide excellent business and decent passive income. You just have to find the right niche that will work for you, as well as the tools that will provide an incredible online auction experience for your customers.

Kind Regards

Mark Fail

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