Writers Micro Jobs

Writers Micro job is a modern, professional and sophisticated WordPress Microjobs theme. This theme lets you shine online like a pro from the start.

Designed for Micro Jobs Theme

This child theme has been designed to work with the Micro Jobs Theme framework. You'll need to purchase the Micro Jobs Theme before you can install this child theme.

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Writers Micro Jobs

Writers Micro Job is easy to use and and very user friendly which is a great option for those who are newbies. This theme offers you lots of customization possibilities to try. Even if you’re a newbie and have less coding issues.

Writers job theme works with latest version of WordPress and is compatible with any device and any web browser. Most of the website visitors will come via a search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc. So, having a site that is built in line with the best SEO practices is a must. Writers Micro Job will help you take ranking high enough among the search engines.

Child Theme Screenshots

We've take some snaps of the pages to give you an idea of how this child theme will appear once installed.