Hotel Directory Theme

Start your own niche directory theme targeted towards hotels and accommodation with this new directory theme design.

Designed for Directory Theme

This child theme has been designed to work with the Directory Theme framework. You'll need to purchase the Directory Theme before you can install this child theme.

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Hotel Directory Theme

Hotels Directory theme is a stunning, luxurious and sophisticated theme for your Directory websites. With a beautiful home page and other internal sections for hotel listing pages , ] about, blog and contact, Hotels Directory makes sure you are treated right.

Additionally, Hotels Directory is super easy to use, optimized for incredible performance and in tune with all modern devices and browsers. It will perfectly display your listings, your images and let them contact your place straight from their smartphones and tablets, too.

Lastly, Hotels Directory is optimized for spee d and search engines boosting your website and returning amazing traffic and potential new clients with a matchless online experience 365 days of the year.

Make a difference in the hotel listing business with your fresh new place and an impressive website, use Hotels Directory today!.

Child Theme Screenshots

We've take some snaps of the pages to give you an idea of how this child theme will appear once installed.