This plugin will help you import videos from Vimeo into your PremiumPress powered video website.


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What is Vimeo WordPress  Plugin?

What is Vimeo WordPress Plugin?

This WordPress plugin will enable you to import Vimeo videos into your PremiumPress video website.

Using the Videmo API, you can search and import videos directly from your WordPress admin area.

How does Vimeo WordPress Plugin work?

This is a free WordPress plugin for all PremiumPress customers. It is used to import videos into your website and display them as listing.

This plugin is mostly used by the PremiumPress video theme owners for setting up video tutorial websites.

What is Vimeo WordPress  Plugin?
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How do you install Vimeo WordPress Plugin?

All PremiumPress plugins are installed just like any other WordPress plugin. You do this via the WordPress admin area under Plugins -> Add Plugin tab.

Once activated you will be able to see new options on the sidebar of your PremiumPress main menu.