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WordPress Business Themes Forums Topics with no replies

  •  Roy

    Auction Invoice

    Why does the invoice for an auction order show our website info in the ‘From:’ box? This is an order for an auction item sold by the selle..

  •  Curtis

    A few questions about shortcode [LISTINGS]

    Curious if I was to use lets say this shortcode: [LISTINGS cat=’423′ orderby=’date’ order=’desc’ show=20 grid=fals..

  •  Javier Antonio


    Hello again, I have installed the new version and I do not see the option to delete the basket, in the header and in the menu bar, in the shop window ..

  • patrik patrik

    Directory theme v9 same "drama"?

    So after many years I expected this theme be polished and simply working fantastic. So I installed Directory on cpanel hosting /no drama, no plugins/...

  • Richard Bonk Richard Bonk

    Missing features in VideoTheme 9

    When I downloaded the latest VT9 – it differs greatly from the demo site. Mainly I could not find the option for setting up the ‘teaser..

  • Alan Alan

    Demo view on iPad

    Just looking at the demo on an iPad and it has some problems. See screen shots. Can this be sorted as it doesn’t look good...

  • Discopants Discopants

    V9 Home Page Search Bar – United Kingdom

    Hi, On the directory V9 home page search bar the 3rd Column option comes up as United Kingdom only. My directory is based in the UK so this will alway..

  • Mikael Mikael

    House percentage

    Anyone that can explain how the House Percentage function works? I have set mine to 20%, but where and how is this applied? It seems like the payment ..

  • Dinesh Dinesh

    9.2.1 – Issues with Job Board

    1. Users can see others Users CV and are able to Select them as their own Job Seekers can see other users CV’s when they are in their Job Centre and..

  • Astrid Astrid

    Issues with 9.2.1 coupon theme

    Hi Mark, On numerous occasions have I addressed issues with the new V9 CP theme. The issues have still not been resolved in the new release 9.2.1. I w..

  • Dragoescu Dragoescu

    Edit the default listing page

    Hello, Any ideea how i can edit the default listing page? For example here it’s one listing page:

  • Dinesh Dinesh

    Option for not letting Employers Register

    Job Board 9.2.1 Is there an option or a way in which Employers can’t Register. I would like to use the job board so that employers contact me an..

  • Dinesh Dinesh

    Confusing Registering Screens

    Registering for the first time is really confusing. Currently, a user can register in several ways: (a) Through selecting Register (b) Through the Log..

  • Dinesh Dinesh

    Users can access others users CV's

    Version 9.2.1 Job Seekers can see other users CV’s when they are in their Job Centre and they click on “My Resume”..

  • Aaron Aaron

    How to edit listing page

    Hi, I’m going through the forums to find solutions so I didn’t have to bother anyone, but still clueless. The older versions were so much ..

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