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WordPress Business Themes Forums Topics with no replies

  • Chris Chris

    how best to add conditional submission fields for make and Model

    Conditional Taxonomies or categories based on Make & Model I would like users to select a make and then it show a list of models. e.g user is subm..

  • Chris Chris

    IOS app

    Hi how easy is it to convert premium press to an iPhone app. Thank you Chris..

  • Mark Fail Mark Fail

    Elementor Feedback & Suggestions

    Hi Guys I understand it’s only been a few weeks since I integrated Elementor but i would be grateful of any feedback or suggestions that would m..

  • adrian adrian

    DT v9 missing features and adding extra features

    Hi Mark, First of all the new v9 it amazing , great work. And as always a But is coming… I have played with the new theme and some of the featur..

  • Mark Fail Mark Fail

    Blank Contact Listing Email

    If you experience issues with a blank email being sent to users, make sure you set and save the email settings under the email tab in your admin...

  • Ankit Ankit

    Advanced Search Results

    Hi- Does anyone know how to change / edit / add fields to advanced search results. I added some custom fields to the theme and want these custom field..

  • Martin Martin

    Order manager has no details

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help. On my new website I have products setup for a takeaway but when I proceed to place..

  • Jörg Jörg

    Question – what is planned with the deals?

    Hi, is there a template to edit and also the selection options, sort by date, expiration date, etc. as in the coupons? and is added to the custom post..

  • simon simon

    SAGEPAY – issues (repost)

    Hello, Had to re-post this (sorry) as it ended up in the wrong section – sorry MOD’s). I have tried to search for this but no real results..

  • simon simon

    SAGEPAY – issues

    Hello, I have tried to search for this but no real results. Trying to add in sagepay. In the php file from the plugin page there seems to be a hardcod..

  • Matthew Matthew

    Expired Listings Hidden By Default…

    Is there an option not to have expired listings hidden by default. I’ve noticed that this is something the theme is doing automatically, and I t..

  • Matthew Matthew

    Related Deals or Random Deals? (9.1.4)

    The related deals section of the listing displays deals totally at random…. there doesn’t seem to be any logic in place in regards to rela..

  •  Anand


    Hi Sir, 1. How can add extra options to “item status”. If this can’t be done how can i delete this option altogether. 2. I added a c..

  • Trina B Trina B

    Directory 8.9.7 Advanced Search Country auto select

    Hi, I need some help to do a little change to the Advanced Search in Responsive Directory Theme 8.9.7. I want the country (USA) to appear pre-selected..

  • Srinivasa Raja Srinivasa Raja

    Issues with PRINTable coupons

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know how can I populate the address part of the PRINTable coupon? Pls see screenshot. Any help is appreciated. Thank you..

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