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Micro-job Memberships MUST BE FREE?

  • Anthony
    Senior Member 336 points
    March 19, 2019 at 3:11 am


    It appears after years using the PP themes that paid memberships should not even be considered.


    1) If you create PAID memberships, the user can still access their accounts FREE having no reason to renew their yearly membership as the system does NOT require them to do so upon expiration. It is merely a passive renewal in good faith. Shameful! We have no way of stopping our users from using their account FREE once their yearly membership expires NOR does the system offer or have a way of sending email to the admin giving notice of the expiration. The only way is to manually look every day at memberships to know when one expires. Did we miss something? Seems a total waste of time creating this theme to offer people paid memberships. No?

    2) If you create PAID Listings, this seems like the ONLY way to actually stop the user from having anything for free. Unlike memberships the LISTINGS can expire and allow the admin some control automatically moving the listing offline into the draft or pending review bin. Thus the listing goes off line if the listing is NOT paid or renewed. Does the system even require payment at that time? Likely not. Therefore after years using these themes we have discovered we have lost dozens and dozens of users and countless revenues due to the lack of users being required to renew once memberships expire. Most without us even knowing without notice.

    Our Conclusion: Do not waste your time setting-up micro-jobs and/or directory theme memberships as paid memberships. You can NOT control or force the user to renew their membership once expired and they can access their accounts FREE. No one will ever pay for it if it can be accessed FREE. Renew button or not. Free is FREE!

    ONLY charge for listings as it seems to use after years of lost money we MUST only use the listings to control the users having their listing expire. Once it does we can see it in the DRAFT or PENDING mode and manually contact the users. Again MANUALLY. If they do NOT renew it they get nothing for FREE. This can be done during set-up of the listing package UNLIKE the memberships which can not automatically moved to a expired cue or DRAFT / PENDING mode. Why it was not created that way is beyond us.

    YOUR THOUGHTS?: Are we missing something? Does ANYONE out there have a better method or suggestion on using these themes with paid memberships that are not FREE after they expire?

    I’m VERY disappointed that after using these themes for 2 – 3 years with hundreds of users only now we figure out on our own that it is impossible to force users to renew their memberships once expired. Only way to control the users to not benefit from a FREEBIE (paid) membership is to assign a listing package to each membership created FREE to start. Are we correct? Then what is the purpose of even having paid or charge a price for memberships PP team? I welcome feedback on this one as this is just shocking.

    OUTCOME: Now we have to figure out how to change ALL 365 plus members (120 plus expired for months) to all be FREE memberships and assign them a PAID listing of which at least we can control. Now the REAL next issue is… when the listing expires and it move to pending, will it ask the user after login to renew their listing? OR do WE once again have to manually chase down the user and get payment. Crazy to say the least. :–(

  • JamesD
    Super Guru 1,345 points
    March 19, 2019 at 11:45 pm

    Hello Anthony,
    Perhaps this is a similar issue that could help:

    expired memberships

  • Anthony
    Senior Member 336 points
    March 21, 2019 at 6:29 pm

    Thank you James. Does anyone else have thoughts about these themes and membership expiration / renewal process? We are being led to believe by Mark that these themes never offered the ability to renew memberships and they have always been only FREE membership models? I’m hoping this statement was in error as we have always used these DJ and MJ themes as paid memberships per year. Please share thoughts…

  • Anthony
    Senior Member 336 points
    March 22, 2019 at 7:44 pm

    PS….if you have this issue see the above thread link for more on this membership renewal subject.

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