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Our site is finally being upgraded from V7 to Responsive as 8.9 looks like a good product. We would like to address the following before completing the final look and feel of the site (panel colours etc). We would greatly appreciate assistance with the following: Home Page: 1. Ideally we want to display the site logo with selected text under or beside the searchbox (see attachment #1). 2. Images on the carousel need to be set to a standard size can this be done. 3. Using the Home Page Builder, we would like to include an events calendar block that would display a full length list of upcoming events. Can this be achieved and if so how? Content / Listing Page: 4. We want to limit the number of characters a client can use for their title. How can this be set? 5. We would like to show map location of the business (if possible allowing multiple locations) on their content / listing page. 6. The email address is hyperlinked under the details section. Can the link be removed or hidden for anti-spam purposes? (See attachment #2) 7. Is there a way to remove RELATED and LATEST listings so that a content page just contains each clients information. We feel this is very important for our directory. Footer: 8. Can we limit the intro shown in blog posts? (See attachment #3) Thanks in advance for assistance from the forum.

Created: July 16, 2016 at 5:18 am
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  • Marie
    July 22, 2016 at 9:28 am

    hi Harry,

    1. you will have to edit for that

    2. Yes, using a custom css code for images.

    3. You can try to use some plugins, some plugins uses shortcode to display the event calendar. You can try to add that to the page builder. However, we cannot guarantee that all 3rd party plugins will work well with the theme as we haven’t tested them all. You will have to test each one yourself.

    4. You will have to edit the shortcode [TITLE] for that via

    5. No there’s no option for this by default.

    6. By default, its displayed that way. you will have to modify the file for that. or check the css

    7. Please submit a ticket for this or call chat support so we can remove it for you. ticket url :

    8. You can add an excerpt to the blog. Edit the blog via wordpress dashboard and you will see the excerpt field there.

    Hope that helps 🙂

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