Filter ONLY asking for listings to be approved if certain keywords are used

I have the "Blue" Classifieds Theme from premiumpress ( here's my question... Does anyone know if there's a way (plugin or otherwise) to FLAG certain posts that have pre-defined keywords, and ask me to APPROVE them before they're sent to the live site? The reason I need it to only apply to listings with certain keywords is because I DONT want to have to approve EVERY SINGLE POST (cuz I know that's an option).... but I would like it to BLOCK posts that have certain "cuss words" or other keywords that I pre-determine. I recently had someone post a ton of inappropriate content on my website, and I'm hoping for an easier way to filter that junk without having to approve every single post that hits my website. Thanks!

Created: January 11, 2016 at 7:50 am
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