Description not showing

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    Dieter Luske
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    Hi, I started again with the Responsive Directory Theme, and Square Directory Child Theme.
    I need only something basic, the listing and membership is free, everything seems to work fine, except if a user is registering and adds a listing, whatever they add to the description does not show. – The image loads , On the description, the Title works, and even the custom fields work, But the text filled in is not showing once the listing is life.
    If the user goes back on editing, and checks the description, the description filed has now a toolbar, and if th euser adds text again, this time it works. – BUT never on the first attempt, where the description shows NO toolbar.

    Hope that makes sense … I have set the text limit form 200 to 0, makes no difference.
    Hoping for a solution ..
    Cheers Dieter

    July 9, 2020 at 8:23 am