Bug: Disabling Parent Category increases listing categories

Hello. I'm using 6.6.7 and note the new dropdown menu for selecting categories to assign to a listing. The number of categories being set in the package. I only want subcategories to be selectable, up to a maximum of 4. When the parent category is not disabled, I can tick 4 subcategory boxes, and save these. Editing the listing shows these 4 subcategories ticked. However, I want to prevent users from selecting the parent category, so i enable the disable category feature. When I examine the categories using 'Edit Listing' I find that the parent category is ticked, and the category count is increased by one, thus exceeding the limit I have set on the package. Please don't ask me for screen dumps. This is something that can be checked by simply setting up a category with some subcategories, adding a package which allows more than one category, adding a listing which uses the categories whilst the disable category feature is OFF, the switching the disable category feature ON. I am raising a ticket for this the fix can be incorporated in a bugfix release.

Created: December 7, 2014 at 12:03 pm
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  • Josh
    December 8, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    Hello Carole,
    Have a look at this >>

  • Josh
    December 8, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    Carole go to Theme Options >General Setup >Submission Setting >Disable Parent Category and set it to OFF

  • Carole
    December 8, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    Thanks for your reply Josh.
    The point I am making is that when I disable the parent category, which is what I want to do, the parent category is automatically selected when a listing is added, thus increasing the actual categories selected by the user. I only want to allow my user to select sub-categories.
    Mark Fail has replied to the ticket I raised saying that this has been fixed in Version 8, but I have not yet upgraded to this version. I am reluctant to do so until all the bugs have been fixed.
    I am really struggling to keep up with the constant updates and revisions and have asked Mark to concentrate on producing a stable version which I can work on to get my site live.

    Everytime I get to a point where I am making progress, another version appears with another range of features, and related bugs which I have to get my head around. This is not good for new and existing customers as often the releases are not backwardly compatible.

    As a senior member of the forum I would appreciate your support for a more customer focused approach. The responsive theme offers great functionality. However, it’s a great pity that the theme is rendered virtually unusable by releases which appear to be largely untested. The theme developers seem to rely heavily on the user community to identify and report bugs, which is unacceptable for a product we have all paid to use.

    Please please please lets have a stable version which can be properly bug fixed and documented before any more major releases.

  • Josh
    December 8, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    Glad to hear Mark has have tried it in version 8 and it seems for what your going through Carole,every company has its ups and downs including be patient Am sure Mark is working hard to fix the a wordpress developer myself,trust me you get no where else better support than Premium Press.

  • Juan
    December 23, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    Hi Carole, Josh,

    I am using version 8 of the business responsive theme and I have verified that the “bug” she mentions still exist. I actually came across the “bug” myself while testing.

    I didn’t consider it a bug at first because it makes sense that if you select a sub category, the parent category should be automatically selected. I say this because even with the parent category selection enabled, if you select only a subcategory, the listing still shows on a parent category search…

    BUT… when you have multiple parent categories with subcategories this can be a problem. Since you are advertising ex 4 categories on a particular package, the actual number of categories that the customer selects will vary (*note that I didn’t say CAN SELECT)… Could actually be 2 if they select from 2 parent categories, or 3 if they select from 1 parent category…

    *However, while testing with “disable parent category” on, I had a package that allowed only 1 category, I selected the 1 subcategory (parent category off) and submitted… It still allows the listing to be submitted. So IT DOES FUNCTION CORRECTLY at listing submission.
    The confusion comes when the author goes to edit the listing. It will show 2 categories selected (parent category gets automatically selected) thus displaying the red warning message that you have exceeded the max category amount of 1… Very confusing to the author and admin alike. Probably can’t edit either (haven’t tested) since the max category limit is exceeded…

    I have left my “disable parent category” off for now… Less confusing.

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  • David
    January 17, 2015 at 8:17 am

    I can confirm this bug still exists in v8. If the user tries to modify a listing they can’t change the category as the ‘1 Maximum Categories 1 #8217; errors is flagged.

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