PremiumPress non-responsive to responsive theme transger

  • Jeffrey
    Senior Member 231 points

    Thanks Malgorzata, but none of my images are showing in my listings – the links are all messed up – the images are in the uploads folders though. Also really need some clarification on the custom fields as my existing are there but unusable for new listings?

    it seems that the update to 6.6.2 brought some of my images back but not all and in the backend I see no way to edit the gallery, there is no option in my setup?

    When I copy the url of the Main image and I believe I also have the main image in the gallery I get the following path

    actually after looking at the photos that do appear now the paths are to the old thumbs directory, I thought they were to suppose to migrated out of the thumbs to the uploads directory.

    Should I start a support ticket?

    August 11, 2014 at 1:27 pm
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