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  • Jeffrey
    August 11, 2014 at 3:29 am

    So besides my issue with double menus in the mobile, I have decided to go ahead and migrate everything over from 7.1.4 to 6.6.1 tonight.

    loaded 6.6.1, turned permalinks to default then used transfer plugin and then turned permalinks back to postname after the plugin finished with no errors.

    All seems well but I have a couple of questions:

    Images, I know everyone said to save your images and I did, but it appears that all my images migrated over to the uploads folder and they are still in my 7.1.5 thumbs folder as well. However none of the images are displaying in my listings, although they are listed in the “custom fields” – “image” and “images” on the backend – they just don’t display on the front end. I have checked and the images are indeed in my uploads folder (and still in the thumbs as well) – What settings am I missing as I hope I don’t have to load all of them again.

    They do however show on my search pages?

    Custom Fields – I am confused about what is happening. on existing listings I see my custom field names but no information is seen nor can I edit them? when I create a new listing they appear with an asterick next to them as well but I cannot modify.

    They do show up on my listings though when you view them from the frontend.

    Also I noticed in the Listing setup that the fields are not there and when I tried to create the fields it says that I need to use a unique name so they must be there?

    Advanced Search – I have a taxonomy setup in my advanced search “Property Type”, and when you select one it works, but there is no way to reset it to do another search other than going back or in my case going to my home page to refresh the widget anyone else see this behaviour?

    Thanks for any input as overall the migration went pretty well

    for reference my site is –

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