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  • Jeffrey
    August 9, 2014 at 1:29 am

    @Mark – I am not sure but there is something wrong here.

    There should not be two menus in my system when viewing on a phone and the code that was suggested above will not work as it will remove all menus from the system when viewing on a tablet.

    Please goto my test site on a desktop, phone and tablet – I am using “” to test my layouts.

    You will see on a phone like the HTC One etc that there are clearly two menu systems – with that said I do have two menus 1. a Main Menu set as the “Main Navigation” menu and 2. a Mobile Menu set as the “Mobile Device Navigation”.

    There is absolutely NO reason for two menus to be showing up on a phone, space is already limited.

    What is going on with this menu structure?

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