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  • Poh Ho
    Poh Ho
    August 5, 2014 at 4:58 am

    Thanks for your advice. I’ve successfully upgraded my site to Responsive Theme 6.6. All listings and categories were successfully transferred.

    But I am having new problem with the listings and homepage set up.

    The categories at the homepage are not link to the listings when I click on the categories. The result is 0 even there are listings published under the categories. All listings are not linked.

    I tried to set up the slider and Recent Listings at Homepage. It seems that the Slider and the Recent Listing also having problem. The Slider is not displayed.
    For Recent Listings, only title displayed but not content.

    For categories, it is displayed with number of listings but not linked to the listings.

    I can’t figure out what went wrong.

    Appreciate your assistance on this.


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