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  • David
    August 4, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    Hi Michelle,

    One place you may want to look is under listing setup – listing packages and then have a listing package that you set to some value such as 10,000 days …

    Your clients may not be so worried with such long terms ….

    Not ideal, but may work in your situation.

    For me I have one website that is not-for-profit so this is not ideal as someone (everyone) would have to “upgrade” to a package with wording that suggests it is a paid option .. or perhaps hints that it could be charged for in the future ….

    … so I think that the answer to our questions may be a possible alteration in future versions of this theme by the developers … or hacking the theme code – which personally i don’t feel comfortable doing at this point in time.

    Just some thoughts,