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  • Shally
    November 22, 2019 at 3:31 am

    Hi Mark,

    It should be the Apply link on the single listing page.
    It will be good if you put the options to allow the affiliate link.

    No specific format for link if I do it manually.
    But if I want to automate my website, I will be using wp automatic plugin. Hopefully you can try this out so that it can be much more compatible with PP theme . This should be out of topic but what I realize was when I use this plugin in PP Store theme, it does not work as in Woocommerce. Should be because of PP Theme hook and Woocommerce hook is quite different. From my experience of using this, the buy now in woocommerce will point to affiliate link, the price in woocommerce is in the right place.

    So if I plan to use it to import from job board website affiliate website such as from careerjeet, I will want to turn the link to their website automatically in the APPLY NOW button.