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  • Discopants
    October 28, 2019 at 9:30 am

    Hi Guys,

    This is how I moved from V8 directory theme to V9 that seemed to be fairly clean, V9 does seem to have a few bugs and way less features so make sure your own site is compatible.

    First I created a new wordpress install with the version 9 theme on a demo site. You will have to rebuild this from scratch and copy over all your pages content etc.

    Then using a plugin I imported all the users from V8 install to the V9 – depending on which plugin you use the users may have to reset their password to log into the new site when it is ready.

    I then used the category import too and copied the listing categories over to V9

    Then using WP export and WP Import plugin I was able to export all the listings and data to V9. I used the free version of export and the Pro version of WP import.

    I only used it to transfer the Listings info, images etc I then had to assign the listing packages manually as they are not the same in V9.

    I don’t have any memberships etc assigned in V8 and have basic listing packages so may be different for your site but I was able to transfer my 500 listings over including the images, content etc and assign them to a user to create a functioning V9 site