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  • Don
    October 11, 2019 at 7:55 pm

    The thing is, if you look at the new registration and login page, both say “Memberships” indicating that there must a default membership status. So what is that member status? Are there any privilidges attached in registrering and becoming a new member? So once you set up a a new registration for a new “test” user, and once this user is logged in, the new user can access their dashboard. The green Membership icon does not show membership, and so if the user clicks on that icon, you are taken to a screen that says no active memberships for the user. That is very confusing in itself when they just registered as a new member.
    It seems that there must be admin membership packages setup to choose from if the user clicks on view memberships and it is not clear why, (when they already registered for a membership during the new registration process), which dictates asking again why they must choose a membership package in order to acquire a membership at all.
    If they register as a member than there should be some type of default membership established. Default members should have access to certain priviledges such as access to community forums, and other support priviledges such as creating support tickets as indicated within the premium press website. But we cannot see any default membership priviledges. This means an extra step in haveing new users choose a package if the memberships switch is turn one. If turned off then we cannot see the membership by default being meaningful. In our case, once we turn on the memberships switch, admin is locked out of access to manage classified ads page which is odd, and now that we turned off memberships, we are still locked out of that page.
    We would like to see default memberships have start-up priviledges, and then if membership packages are utilized, those default priviledges are expanded upon depending on the package chosen. In our case, default membership would enable a user to post one ad at no charge. Other packages would be at a cost for more ads per your video. How to set the visibility section up becomes a question as to the default membership being set to everyone, or to members? Not sure how members with subscriptions can be used.