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  • Chris
    July 12, 2019 at 11:21 am

    @JamesD I have tested your code a few different ways and am unable to get it to work for me also.
    1) I tried in the core file, both with and without the “Make sure it’s the “Add Coupon” page before adding” line active.
    2) same as above – but in my child theme
    Zero JS errors on all attempts.

    I believe this bug comes down to a couple of things.
    1) You can’t test it in a clean install of – even with sample dummy data installed. It shows up after real-world usage with a high quantity of stores and coupons, made in real-world usage order (Random).
    2) This is about the IDs of the stores. The core is displaying any instance of a “stores list” by ID throughout the site -vs- alphabetically. This includes the following abbreviated list of occurrences I’ve seen and been troubled by and create poor UI/UX.
    – Admin>Coupons>Stores
    – Admin>Coupons>Add new | Edit
    – Front end stores page
    – Elementor “Widgets Stores”
    – Elementor “Stores Carousel”
    All of these examples show stores in order of ID. Not alphabetically and it sure would be great to have that acknowledged and fixed for all of us that have complained about the poor UI/UX.