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  • JamesD
    July 11, 2019 at 3:10 am

    Hello ppt_fabrice30-06-19_99139886,
    Note: If you’re unfamiliar with PHP/HTML then I’d recommend finding someone who can assist.

    it’s possible to remove this 2 “widgets” from profile ?
    In your child theme directory add a new directory called framework and within that directory create a sub-directory called parts.

    Now, make a copy of the file /DA9/framework/ and place it into the new parts sub-directory in your child theme.
    This will be the file to edit and you should find what you want to remove.

    i have a blank space in “my message” i don’s see any message or gift notification
    can you help me ?
    Settings for using messages and virtual gifts:

    Make sure PremiumPress > CONFIGURATION > USER SETTINGS > MESSAGE SYSTEM is turned on/enabled.
    Then make sure the applicable package settings under PremiumPress > MEMBERSHIPS are turned on/enabled.

    Open each package you need to edit and look under Website Access (has green background strip) and you’ll see SEND VIRTUAL GIFTS and SEND & RECEIVE MESSAGES. Those will need to be enabled as well. Both users would need need to be in a package that has those permissions enabled.

    Note: Messages and virtual gifts are sent from user to user account, so nothing will be displayed until after one user initiates the message or gift to another.