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  • JamesD
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    Hello Angela,
    It’s especially unfortunate new customers experience these types of situations.

    There are pros/cons with the themes as well as a bit of a learning curve with the theme and Elementor (if you’re unfamiliar).

    The license key visible in my account, is the same as the order number. Is this an error?

    While in WP admin, can you click on the the PremiumPress link (the menu item may say Installation) and see a page with a Save Settings button? (Sorry, I don’t recall the exact page/location.)
    Clicking that button should correct it.

    Since version 9 there has been quite a few changes to the framework and themes with more changes happening. I really don’t know yet if the changes will end up being a good or bad thing.

    Or did I burn my money with this purchase?

    PP should offer a 30 day guarantee, so I’d recommend checking out what you can before the end of the 30 days and request a refund if you feel uncomfortable/unsatisfied during the time frame. One final thing I will add is that I’m huge on proper support/customer care myself and it does come across that the support lacks in several areas (IMHO). Which is primarily why I ended up trying to help others here.

    Note: I’m just a customer trying to be unbiased and helpful to other members here. Honestly, I still have reservations about the way things are myself (after purchasing many years ago and watching the evolution of changes since v5).

    July 7, 2019 at 11:21 pm
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