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  • JamesD
    Super Guru 1,721 points
    June 10, 2019 at 6:34 am


    There aren’t any settings to make the changes you request (that I’m aware of).

    Thanks for responding James, yes the default theme, the first hero which displays the couple. Where specifically is color value of the background of the mainimgblock located where I can edit it?

    If you used Boiler, then check the child theme style.css. Or, you can set it in the PremiumPress > DESIGN SETUP > CUSTOM CSS?STYLES > Header Styles (wp_head) setting.

    Also in the elementor, the premiumpress homepage section -> profiles . When you select the profiles, there is a section which displays the name of the user, age, gender right below the image of the user. When you hover around it, it displays the color pink. I need to also change that color to something different, kindly direct me where to do this.

    Same as described above, with the custom css setting or file.

    The second hero which has text area 1,2 and 3, Style 1 is disabled in the core files (framework/ elementor/elementor-home-hero). Could this be the reason why the background image does not display when you choose style 1, I have tried adding images in the hero images section and the background remains black.

    Yes. There’s quite a bit of code designed for other themes, not just the one running. ).

    You’re seeing that screen with the black background because there is no default selection. Those settings won’t work or be saved. Technically, you probably shouldn’t see it.

    Here’s the css for both:

    #mainimgblock { background: #b6d9f8; }
    .userblock .team_common:hover .member_info .overlay2 { background: #b6d9f8 !important; }
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