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  • Ben
    June 7, 2019 at 4:56 am

    Thank you James. I can see why you’re a five star super guru! Clear, concise answers – what a refreshing change!

    I have experimented with PP themes for several years but haven’t used them for a couple of years so I’m out of practice. The one thing that I can see hasn’t changed is the number of spelling and grammatical errors both in the admin area and what the user sees.

    Can’t find this: Settings > Common Settings > PremiumPress Custom Slugs. – there’s no ‘Common Settings’ in my panel, either the WP or PP dashboard.

    I’m experimenting with this Loco Translate plugin. It certainly lists all the text and I can change, save, and sync but the changes aren’t reflected on the live site. All the indications are that the text has been changed and saved but no change when checked.