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  • JamesD
    June 6, 2019 at 11:01 pm

    Hi Ben,

    1. Why have they created a dating theme using the word ‘listings’ instead of profiles? It’s such an obvious and easy thing to replace with the right word.

    There are settings at Settings > Common Settings > PremiumPress Custom Slugs.

    2. Can the categories be used to denote sexual orientation so that people submit a profile can add it to one category only? Is that what other webmasters do with the dating theme?

    Nothing available that’s “built-in” that I’m aware of.

    3. There are many version of the Google API for maps in the Google Developer control panel. Which one should I choose?

    Try the Maps JavaScript API

    4. I have set four membership packages but only three are visible. Why is that?

    Go to PremiumPress > Memberships and when you open up the setting and under Admin Extras you’ll see a Hide Package setting.

    5. Where do I change the theme’s default text, like “Only one you’ve confirmed your email will you be subscribed to our newsletter.”

    The language file is located here: /DA9/languages/premiumpress.pot

    Honestly, I’m not too familiar with using Loco Translate plugin myself, but from what I understand changes can be made with that.

    6. I have tested the default newsletter subscription. I receive the notification and click on the confirmation link but it returns a blank white page. Is there something I need to turn on to get this working?

    Make sure the Thank You page setting is a link to a validi page. Create the page if you don’t already have one.

    Here’s a tutorial that covers some basics with the Newsletter:

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