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  • Michelle
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    Hi, JamesD.

    Sorry if I am not making sense. If you go to this link – ( It was the previous version before premuimpress version 9 jobboard theme. In that jobboard theme you could have a page where employers could look at jobseeker resumes. I include a full page screenshot.
    Now You can do that anymore. I looked through the new jobboard theme to see if I can find it, but nothing.
    I only have two choices now. DIY or hire a developer. The second options is not an option as there are no budget to work with. I can achieve this with toolset. Toolset is a suite of plugins that makes creating custom post types easy without having to code. The plugin does everything. It also offers a design option so that you can display you info for the visitor. This is their site –
    Types used the be free on the wp repository, but since this year it is not available on the repository anymore. What a shame for those on a budget. It is an amazing plugin.
    If this worked with premuimpress’s themes it would allow me to create custom post types like canditate’s profile which would allow me to create a page that show jobseekers online cv.
    I would like to change some of your templates, but there are no toturials on how to do that. Please let me know if I make more sense now.

    May 18, 2019 at 10:10 am
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