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  • Mitchell
    Senior Member 165 points
    April 29, 2019 at 4:31 am

    I wrote a large reply and checked and its gone puff….
    So here goes again

    I turned off rocket loader on both sites
    1. Yes, Claim Listing is and was On. No button anywhere for claim listing.

    2. I tried again it still says The security question answer is incorrect in red at the top and then the reCaptcha shows Then I click the checkbox and it registers the test ok
    The setting SECURITY CODE
    Adds a basic security question to the registration page for spam protection
    is on and the reCapha page is also on. If I shut off the SECURITY CODE setting There is no reCaptcha and registration goes through

    3. rocket loader is off and purged cache still not working. now not showing in chrome
    I did check Adsense Good and both sites are there in sites and approved marked ready.
    I just put googles IPs in the Firewall Allow

    All above still not showing

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