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  • JamesD
    April 29, 2019 at 2:02 am

    Hello Mitchell,

    1. Need to show claim listing on each listing page?

    Is the setting PremiumPress > Configuration > DIRECTORY SETTINGS > CLAIM LISTING ON? If so, do you not see the button when you’re logged out and view the listing?

    2. reCaptcha not working on contact forms and registration form.

    There’s a JS error caused by google maps. That should be corrected first to determine if it’s breaking the reCaptcha JS process. If it doesn’t then other error message(s) should become available on where to start to correct it.

    3. Adsense is in WP Text Widget and works some times and not others and never on Firefox

    I’m not sure if it’s ever been corrected, but I’ve read that using Rocket Loader would prevent Adsense ads from being displayed. I did see a couple JS errors referring to Rocket Loader. If this is the case then I’d recommend turning Rocket Loader OFF and see.

    A lot of the time when you see the 403 error it’s due to Adsense refusing the domain in question. I’d double check to make sure that the domains, and sub-domains, have been added accordingly within the Adsense settings.

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