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  • markopo
    Newbie 4 points
    April 16, 2019 at 5:33 am

    Hi JamesD,

    ” I can’t save and output custom fields”

    I can add custom fields and save them, but when I try to save values they don’t save at all. They don’t appear anywhere. As I understood they should display along with other fields like number of downloads or hits, beside gallery.

    “…download link doesn’t work”

    First of all only registered members can download files. I checked settings and all visitors should be able to download because it’s a free software. But visitors are sent to login page.

    For registered members download starts but… I uploaded .exe file and it doesn’t download as file I uploaded but with some weird file without extension. Extension .exe as well as the name of the file is rewritten by theme. It has something to do with allowed mime types.

    You can try to download as visitor here: my test site
    And you can try to download as registered member with credentials:
    Pass: cc6w^@BodoIeO$p#cJ)XP8Ml
    User: Editor

    “filters don’t work either”

    Filters don’t work in category pages. You can’t sort by popularity for example and you can also try to do so on my test site:

    Thanks for trying to help.



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