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  • Susan
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    April 15, 2019 at 4:12 am

    Thanks for your response James. Yes I am using V9, latest update.

    Sorry for the confusion, I have discussed this issue on a few different threads so perhaps I think I’ve explain more than I actually have.

    All I want is to have a header that displays the same across all pages of the site. Getting that to happen is where I’m having problems.

    Here’s what I’ve done so far:

    Under Premium Press > Design Setup > Page Builder I installed the home page template. Then I edited it to create an entirely new home page because I didn’t like the one that Elementor created for me based on the child theme I had chosen. It looked nothing like the child theme so I basically started from scratch to redesign it. That included customizing the header on the home page by dragging a header widget to the top of the page. Using that default header, I then changed the background colour and added some CSS to change the colour of the top bar that someone (probably you I think!) helped me figure out. I’m happy with the header.

    Now I go to edit another page in Elementor The only two page templates available to me under Premium Press > Design Setup > Page Builder are Listing Page and Search Page. The header appears on these pages when I open them in the Elementor editor, but I had to add the colour customizations to these pages again. That’s fine, I was able to do that, but I thought that a header was meant to display the same across the entire site so I was a bit confused as to why I had to do this.

    Something is not right though, because in the preview for the search page I am seeing double…the page contains all the elements, plus a complete set of duplicate elements. So I see a header, a search widget, a results section, a footer, then all of the above again displayed right underneath. The listing page is similar, but I have one header without the colour customization then another header with the customization but it’s squished against the left margin of the page.

    On pages that do not use Elementor for an editor, the header lacks the background colour customization and I don’t know how to get it to change. One of my original questions in another post was how to get the background colour to match on these pages.

    I think what I’m wanting should be simple to do…customize a header and have it display the same across all pages of the site. But between having to use different editors for different pages, and there being a number of different methods to customize (Elementor, WP Editor, Custom CSS etc), I’m feeling rather confused about how to get the various pages to display as I want.

    I guess I don’t really understand how Elementor works with WP, and why I can/must edit some pages with Elementor but others I have to use the WP editor. I also don’t understand what Elementor Templates are and why there are different page templates. Then there’s custom CSS on top of all that. I get overwhelmed because I just want a simple header and a very simple website design, but I can’t seem to get there from here. In other site builders I’ve used, I design my site’s overall look and feel and then every page is built on top of that so that all the sitewide elements like header, footer, navigation, etc are the same on all pages.

    I actually looked at hiring someone to do the design as I saw that Premium Press partners with Codable for design work. The thing is, i want to understand how my site works so that I can make changes in the future if I want to. I’m not opposed to paying someone to get the design done, but I also want to understand the how and why of what’s been done. I would pay for someone to teach me or to do the design and then show me what was done and why, but it won’t help me in the long run to pay someone to just do the design.

    Sorry for the long post (and the blowing off of steam!).

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