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  • Don
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    April 14, 2019 at 6:27 pm

    As a response to this particular posting we also have similar issues but more to it so posting here as well as on the Classified Area hoping for assistance:

    We are Using Classified Theme with Child Theme in 8.9.6 and until all re-writes are available to update to v9 we will stay in version 8.

    A. We see a v9 update coming for Classified theme , however Can Mark provide an update to his blog for Child themes as we will need for the Vacation Time “child theme” updated so we will appreciate a schedule to v9?

    B. (Background to our questions posted below):
    • We wish to bulk import up to 200 photos from a Client
    • The photos will be sorted into 10 postings in a membership package
    • Each organized batches of 10 photos will need to be attached to each user posting (or listing)
    • We have see the ability to post video and photos for example into the “Media” section however the user uses area is used for the posting write-ups or description. We do not understand the use of photo uploads for that section when there are photo uploads down further in the listing fields.
    • The admin sorted photos should be placed in the same media database as if the user has used the single “Photo Upload Section”, we do not see a way to accomplish this to assist the user with bulk photos into his posting.
    • The photos need to in a determined “display order” as user indicates since the photos are for a home and the user wishes the display order to begin with a specified order of interior first and then the exterior and landscape of the property secondly.

    B.1 Questions (after installing the “CSV plug-in”:

    1. How should the client provide the bulk photos for bulk import?
    2. How to use CSV plug-in to import
    3. Should we import using our admin panel and will they be added into our admin media library?
    4. Our admin Media Library can be used to add media with a 20 mb limit.
    • Should we use that to add the bulk photos or do we use the CSV import plug-in?
    • Should we inform the user of a max size of each photo to be 1mb or less?
    • What is best suggested size limit for a website? We only see the “set to arrange by date”, however if we have many bulk uploads on the same day from different users, we do not know how to sort properly. (we will appreciate suggestions)
    • 5. Once we import photos, what is the best method to move them to the Client’s own photo database?
    • If we view ”Attachments” in listing edit from admin panel where can see the user photos however we cannot see how to attach a batch of more photos in the attachments window.
    • How do we attach uploaded photos to a user posting (or listing)?
    • (If we upload a random image to admin media library, we see no way to attach that image to a user’s listing. How to resolve this?
    • Otherwise, are there specific instructions for admin to assist any user with a bulk import or
    • how to property accomplish attaching 20 photos to 10 postings (or listings), each with a max of 20 photo uploads.
    7. How to arrange display order as if a home is posted and wish to display interior first and exterior secondly and arrange each interior photo for example as photo for entry, photo for living room, then kitchen then family room then bedrooms, and bathroom etc. ?

    At this time the user cannot take the time for 20 listings, with 10 photos and asks for our assistance. They also wish to arrange display order and cannot see hot to accomplish using their dashboard. They seem to be required to use the “pencil” edit for each photo and us a numeric order for each photo, but they cannot save each photo after the edit? How to resolve?

    We have lost many potential new users due to the issues above as once registered, and they try to upload photos, they do not understand our photo upload system or the display order edit and therefore they leave the site and withdraw.

    Thank you for any assistance ahead of time.
    We are Hoping that after all the time we have put into our site that we can obtain assistance from the “gurus” with real solutions rather than cannot be accomplished responses. We understand there are many questions and if broken down with solutions one by one, that will be better than a negative answer.

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